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All You Ever Wanted to Know About Insurance


Something that I’ve always found interesting about insurance is how differently people view it.  Some want the cheapest and pay little to no attention to the coverage.  Others want a name brand and pay little to no attention to the coverage or rate.  Often times, they have no idea how their coverage stacks up.

Rates across the industry vary considerably and insurers have their different target markets.  Someone with a high credit score will pay considerably less for insurance and their are a lot of insurers that go out of their way to attract those clients with lower rates.  While those with average or low credit pay more.  One thing people will find interesting is just how different rates are from insurer to insurer and they can see that when I quote 7-8 companies using a comparative rater.  Paying more for insurance doesn’t make it better.  It’s important to know what you’re being insured for and what optional coverages you’re receiving or not receiving.