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All You Ever Wanted to Know About Insurance

Are you maximizing your discounts for home and car insurance?

There are a few simple things that can be done to maximize your discounts on car and home insurance.  First  and foremost is being financially responsible.  People with high credit scores pay far less for insurance.  Insurers like Travelers, Kemper Preferred, Allied, and Hartford discount insurance rates the most for high credit scores.  You might be surprised at your rate if you haven’t received a quote from them.  Second, always combine your home and car insurance whenever possible.  Third, many insurers give an advance quote discount (8 days or more) so plan ahead when shopping for insurance.  Finally, there are miscellaneous discounts given for security alarms, being claims free, multi-car, newer homes or purchasing a home, etc.  However, the first three discounts are the biggest driver of insurance discounts because after that, it really comes down to the insurers’ rates.  Typically any other discount besides the first three are a sales gimmick used to train your brain into thinking that it’s not possible to get a better rate anywhere else.  If you are claims free and have good credit, take advantage of the great rates that are available for you!