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Why does Dave Ramsey only endorse Independent Insurance Agencies?

No doubt many of our agency's clients are Dave Ramsey devotees and even if you're not, Dave is a very well respected leader in finance, budgeting, debt management, and leadership.  Whether or not you currently subscribe to Mr. Ramsey's methods or not, Dave only endorses independent insurance agencies.  Here's what Dave Ramsey's web site says:

Why use an independent insurance professional?
"A shocking number of people overpay for car and home insurance without realizing it. An independent insurance professional works for you not the insurance company. They are not limited to a single insurance company's plans. Independent agents can search dozens of policies from many reputable companies. And best of all, it's absolutely free to use an independent insurance professional!"

While Prime Insurance Agency has not gone through the process to be endorsed by Mr. Ramsey, we do have a Certified Insurance Counselor on staff and provide a high level of customer service just like the ELP's Dave has endorsed (for no charge).  Dave understands the independent insurance agencies are trusted sources of insurance from reputable insurers and can help people accomplish their financial goals.  The less a person pays for the insurance coverage they need, the more money they have to reduce their debt load.

Let Prime Insurance Agency or one of Dave Ramsey's ELP's help you today!