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How to Save on Home Insurance

Kansas City homeowners want to save on home insurance, but it’s important to not compromise on coverage.  It’s critical to have the proper coverage when the claim occurs because there are no do overs.  What are the best ways to save on home insurance?

Package with auto insurance.  Packaging home and auto insurance together often saves 20% on the home insurance and another 20% on the auto insurance.  Many consumers get fixated if either the home or auto is more expensive than their current rate, but what matters is the total paid and the coverage provided.  Does it make sense to pay $100 more on auto insurance if the end result is you save $500 on the home insurance?  Of course it does and often times you benefit by having a single deductible for a common loss so you could save even more at claim time.

Security system.  Having your home monitored for burglary and fire is another good discount.  It’s a small discount with some insurers while a large one with others.

Purchase discount.  Are you buying a home that is new to you?  Many insurers will give you a discount, which will make it easier for you to afford that new home.

Advanced quote.  Do not wait until the last minute for a quote.  Many insurers will give you a free 5% discount if the coverage becomes effective at least 8 days out from the quote date.

Smart home discount.  Do you have a Ring Doorbell or Nest thermostat?  We’re seeing a miriad of new discounts for smart home devices like smart cameras, smart smoke alarm, automatic temperature and water leakage detection, smart lights, etc.

New home discount.  Is your newly built or built in the last few years?  Many insurers discount newer homes and you need to be with the right insurer to maximize that discount.

Sprinkler system.  While commercial building codes often require sprinkler systems, it’s optional in most municipalities for residential.  However, having a sprinkler system to help keep that fire from spreading is another discount many insurers offer.

New roof discount.  Did you just replace your roof or is it newer?  Insurers are starting to discount newer roofs.  If you’ve replaced your roof, don’t forget to tell your insurer (even if you’ve turned in a claim) because it does not mean they have updated your policy.  No need to overpay for a discount you’re entitled to with many insurers.

Claims free.  Many people have never turned a claim in.  Guess what, many insurers give you an extra discount for that.  Being judicious in turning in claims can literally put more money in your pocket.

This is not an all-inclusive list of home insurance discounts, but certainly gives you an idea of some discounts you may qualify for.  The best way to make sure you’re getting a competitive rate and coverage is to get an insurance comparison quote.  Prime Insurance shops 8 different insurers that can package auto and home insurance.  You can start the process here:  https://www.primeinsurancekc.c... Or call Prime Insurance Agency at 816-479-0595.